Colin Travis
Web & Multimedia Junior _

Interactive Balloon Game | Live Demo

This piece heavily utilized the jQuery library Phaser to create a game in homage to Flappy Bird. Using graphics assets I created, it uses an array of random number generation to create a number of clouds in different positions, with one cloud being omitted for the constantly-sinking balloon to fly through using the mouse, keyboard, or a touchscreen. Good Luck...

breathe | live demo

Installed within one of the busiest hallways in MCAD, this piece used procedurally generated shapes and lines to mimic air molecules. The shapes were projected onto a sideways art podium and placed across from a bench. The only words or instructions accompanying the piece were "breathe". The piece used imagery and connotation of the objects on display to subconsciously suggest to viewers to sit down, examine the piece, and relax.

Sass Starfield | Live Demo

Initially started as a project to learn Git functionality, I took it upon myself teach myself SASS as well as Compass to create a fully CSS-powered starfield using a similar box-shadow code as NQXUSA on Coderwall.

Weather Music Box | Live Demo

This piece pulls from the (now weather API to which it then uses to "visualize" the weather using color, sound, and text. The text is simply the temperature in degrees, and using amplitude and oscillators, a sound is generated and it's frequency modified by other weather data. Colors displayed will change as the temperature fluctuates. A viewer will never see and hear the exact same thing twice.

Raspberry Pi Surveillance System | live demo

A piece using Raspberry Pi hardware to create a surveillance system server that doesn't rely on internet connection, but simply can be plugged into any display and used to view the camera. If internet connection is available, the image can be broadcasted and accessed from any device. Ideally, this server would be used for short-range surveillance, like a doorbell camera or hallway camera.

Portfolio Site

I created this site as a test of many of the methods I've learned in the past few years. The graphics are dynamically sizing vector graphics, that will change throughout the day, shown by the clock on the desk which is real-time. Using scrollmagic, a Javascript library used for managing scroll events and causing elements to change is used to create zooming animations and allows the user to essentially "sit down" at the desk. Using Github as my method of storing my code, and SASS to organize the code, it allows for cleaner editing.